A Big Day For a Little Writer

I’ve learned that one can actually be flat down on a couch, one leg stuck in the air … and still perform The Happy Dance!

Long before becoming your humble bloggy bird here at DancingBirds.com, I spent over ten years working directly with homeless and at-risk individuals.  I founded and continue to serve as Executive Director of HASPA, the Homeless Advocates and Service Providers Association, Inc. This work provides a nonprofit platform for education and support for those who furnish specific homeless service and advocacy.

Last week I submitted an article to HuffingtonPost.com for their OffTheBus section.  I’m humbled that this notable and prestigious organization decided to publish my article entitled, Hurricane Homelessness.  You can see it here.  Of course the writing and opinion is slanted to favor those dear street-bound friends I gathered over the years.  They were always like little flightless chicks who gave me a much larger measure of love than I deserved.

The piece is political in nature, of course, but regardless one’s persuasions of thought, I hope you’ll find a moment to check it out and make a comment.  Homelessness is a tremendously complicated problem that needs more than simple or dismissive notions.  Nevertheless, I tossed out a slender thread of conversation that I hope you’ll join.  It’s HERE!

Tomorrow it’s back to the millstone, but today deserves a huzzah for all who labor under the weight of words and ideas with grand hopes of finding a path toward publication.  Keep writing, everyone.  Keep writing!

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