I Love This

When I was young and my kids were young and I had two good legs and one great heart, I used to make things.  Much to the horror of my children, I sewed all their clothes.  Then I made them WEAR what I made.  Poor babies!

I made large things and small things.  I sewed.  I croched.  I knitted.  My hands stayed busy with the knowledge of others before me as I followed patterns, tongue stuck, just so, to the side of my lips, busying myself through the night while the kids slept.  In the morning, I’d present them with the newest, sometimes most whine-producing creation made by their overly zealous and crafty mother.

That’s why when I recently found Etsy.com I found a website filled with nothing but amazing homemade, artful items.  I want to buy every single thing on every single web page.  There are the most darling items of clothing for the little ones among us.  There are purses and brooches and things to grace your walls.  There are homemade chairs and tables and any number of what-nots.  Launched in 2005, it’s amazing I’ve only just found this grand website.

If you haven’t found it yet, may I introduce it to you.  Etsy, Readers.  Readers, Etsy.

Have fun!

P.S.  Thanks FotoSearch.com for the really nice picture.  It looks just like my old sewing basket!

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