Ya Think?

The groomer called today with a reminder that Scarlett is overdue for a haircut.  I dunno.  I think she’s looking pretty classy.  Maybe just add a side-swept bang to add a hint of mystery — a bit of that come-hither naughtiness.

Of course, she’s been begging for a saucy little face-framing Dara Torres-style bob lately.  After all, they’re both fabulous swimmers, Scarlett reminds me.  Something that says, “I’m sporty and I know it,” she whines.   Gosh, it’s always so hard to decide on these things when it’s still August in Phoenix and our hair melts the minute we step outside anyway.  Do we go short and sassy, or stick with something that’s pony-tail versatile?  Such choices!

Well, I suppose it is time for a trip to the spa.  Besides, there’s nothing like a new do, a manicure, a pedicure and a nice whisker trim to make a girl feel like kicking up her paws.

What do you think?  Should we go for the bangs this time?

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