This is NOT my Wilson!

I’d like to know who took my Wilson.  It’s okay to come clean with me.  I promise I’m not litiginous.  But I want to know … WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY WILSON?

The last I know, I trotted my dear dog into the groomer’s yesterday.  “He’s got a couple of little matting places next to his nose,” I confessed.  “I’ll pay extra to have you ease them out,” I offered.

Two and a half hours later, I came back to claim my dog and they presented me with a LAMB instead.  A poofy, top-knotted, ear-shaved LAMB.  I calmed myself.  “Okaaaay,” I said in my best oh dear! voice.  “What happened to his ears?”

Groomer:  I had to shave them.

Me:  I see that.  Can you explain?

Groomer:  Well, they were matted.

Me:  No.  It was his NOSE that had a teensy little matted spot.

Groomer:  Oh.  Well, he looks good doesn’t he?

Me:  This is so not a Labradoodle cut.  You made him look like a … a … FOOFY DOG.  He looks like a lamb!

Groomer:  Well, his ears will grow back if you don’t like it.  In the meantime, I’d suggest you put sunblock on them because they don’t have any hair and he’ll burn in the sun.

Me:  Swell.

So, the good news?  Wilson’s classmates in Puppy Class think he’s a rock star.  And now he keeps trying to mount poor Scarlett the Retriever to show how studly he is without ear hair.

The bad news?  He still looks like a lamb and Dan’s wondering why we got charged eighty dollars for someone else’s dog.

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  1. Hi Auburn…I stumbled upon your website looking for images of “puppy chew” in google for a talk I’m doing (unrelated to puppies or chewing directly)! I noticed the doodle that came up somewhere in the results (no shoe in sight!) and I’m so glad I found it. I have two labradoodles myself: Rosco and Thule (say Too-Lee) and I since you have a doodle too I want to invite you to a fun website I have JUST for doodle owners: — I hope you’ll stop by and join. We are currently having a couple contests you might be interested in with great prizes. I also live in the Pacific NW.


  2. Thanks, Adina. I was just in Seattle at a writer’s conference. I envy your summers, but wouldn’t give up a single day of an Arizona winter. It’s good to have you stop by to comment on our common love of Labradoodles. Our Wilson is just seven months old, big as a horse and the dearest dog I’ve ever known. I’ll certainly drop by your website.

    Thanks again,