Cutting our Teeth

Wilson the Labradoodle is five months old now. He’s getting his big boy teeth. With the help of some nice hard Nyla bones, lots and lots of chewy toys, and a bizillion admonitions to “Leave it!” if he even looks at a contraband item, he’s managed to pop through a number of very impressive pearlies. Today I noticed four new canines just peeking above the gum line. I couldn’t be a more proud doggie owner. Big boy teeth. Way to go, Wilson!

So far (may I repeat … so far), the furniture legs are still intact. There’s not been midnight raids on the dining table or the living room couch. The cushions haven’t been de-stuffed; the floor molding hasn’t been gouged out by teeth worrying their way down to bare wall and beyond. So far. Wilson’s actually been quite graceful with this puppy teething business. We’ve all worked hard to help him through this difficult time in a young pup’s life.

Here’s Wilson showing off his new toothy smile!

At last, the scars on my hands from needle-sharp baby teeth are beginning to heal. I notice also that Scarlett the Golden Retriever and surrogate big sister has a few less boo-boos on her puppy-beleaguered skin.

Way to go, Wilson!

Next will be his big-boy neutering. Yep, way to go, Wilson.

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