Back To It

Wilson the Labradoodle is growing up. Yesterday he received his first big-boy haircut. Yes, he’s growing up. Four months old now and using the great outdoors to do his business — every time! He knows sit, down, stay, come, wait, heel, kisses, off, leave it, stop that!, hey – what are you chewing?, oh no, wait, that’s my shoe, smile for the camera, and go to your naughty spot. Here’s Wilson in the car sporting his new hairdo:

Wilson's first haircut

Interestingly, this website has been recently getting a new do as well. Updated widgets and gadgets and whatnots that should make life easier for me. I thank Brian Tanaka for his kind and professional work. He’s a wizard! He somehow found an errant code I had embedded (yes, I’m a computer goober) that caused everything to go wacky — not unlike Wilson’s hair before his much-needed trim. Brian updated everything and magically made bad spammers go away. (I told you he’s a wizard.)

So, Wilson and Owner are now both trimmed and ready to go. We’ll probably need fixing again every now and then, but that’s why we have a groomer and a guru.

My thanks today go to a gifted woman named Kim who manages to make unkempt doggies look like a million bucks with just a pair of scissors and a few cookies. And a huge thanks to Brian Tanaka whose gentle approach to the fine art of computerizing stuff makes even goobers like me look better than deserved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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