Would Anyone Care?


Would anyone mind if I tossed in a piece of poetry now and then? If I shared a bit of that cloud that occasionally comes by and snags on the corner of my mind?

I suppose no one will object. My only regular visitor is my husband … and I MAKE him read my posts, the poor guy. He hates poetry, however, so I risk losing my only reader.

But the thing is, I’m feeling a need to blurt out poetic things, and when that occurs for a writer, it’s useless to stifle the words. Risking losing one’s only reader is hardly a deterrent to a mind set on throwing down a gauntlet of words.

In the absence of any immediate discouragement, I shall therefore consider the subject closed, and I, the winner of the argument. Whoo hoo! I win! Bar Keep — Poetry for the house!

Don’t worry, you won’t understand it any more than I will. Plus, this poetry of which I speak is still unwritten. I’m simply asking permission of the Universe and the Great Internets beforehand.

Plus, I’m hoping some simple poetry will be less taxing on my screaming wrists.

(P.S. Credit for the lovely cloud picture goes to FreeFoto.com)

0 thoughts on “Would Anyone Care?

  1. Be careful with the gauntlet, there are other readers out here. My choice of poets betrays my age – give me Service, Kipling, Whitman, Tennyson, and the likes of Ogden Nash. Today, and I am speaking only for myself, too much poetry is written for the poet, not the public. If I have to spend too much time trying to figure out where the authors’ mind is going, I give up, wish him/her the best of luck in their endeavor, and move on.

    You have a wonderful way with words, so rest your wrists, ease your pain, if I like what I read, I’ll come back again.

  2. Thanks, Gordon. You mention some of my favorite poets … writers whose poetry speaks plainly to its readers. I agree that poetry can often be a myopic exercise, when there’s so much more to be gained by speaking clearly through prose. I wonder if my question was more rhetorical than anything, since I’ve not shared poetry here before … and most likely don’t want to change the expectations of my readers.

    I appreciate your good thoughts for my wrists. The Dragon Naturally Speaking (at your suggestion, thank you so much!) has been a tremendous help.

    All my best,