Dragon my Wagon


Miss Dragon here today, filling in for the ailing Auburn — some whiny excuse about her wrist, yet again. I’m, however, feeling fit as a fiddle and ready for duty.

Auburn and I have been having quite a discussion lately about the difference between using our right brain and our left brain during the process of writing. She contends that her more then wonderful fiction arises predominantly from her right brain, while I assert her left brain is equally important. Perhaps we’re both correct here.

While the fantasy of fiction, its conception and articulation, may certainly be a rather right-brained task, it takes a good left-brainer to perform the endless edits that are so necessary in completing a project. It’s been a bit of a challenge for Auburn to learn to use me in either or both tasks. She wants to fly all over the page, right braining here, there, and everywhere. I’m here, however, to remind her to slow down, take a breath now and then, and spend time thinking before continuing on her willy-nilly course of reckless abandon.

I’m also … if I might take a moment to brag about myself … a whiz at writing those dreaded synopses, query letters, and generally performing transactions necessary to the business of writing. What would Auburn do without me when it comes to stuffing all those envelopes with query letters? Yes I’m a handy sort to have around. It’s not every Dragon, you know, who gets the opportunity to spend time with a writer. I even pride myself with a few well-placed puffs of flame, which serve to set Auburn’s hair on fire with new story ideas. Once in awhile, I even come up with an idea of my own. She politely considers my brilliant thoughts, although I suspect she’ll most likely take the credit for herself.

I believe everyone should have a Dragon to help out now and then, don’t you agree? So, while Auburn continues to either mend her wrist, or suffer through yet another surgery, I’ll be taking over her duties. Auburn’s not happy about it, but I think I can win her over. After all, we left-brained brain Dragons can be most articulate when we have a point to make.

I only hope she’ll excuse the scorch marks here and there!

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