What to do When Typing is Tough

Here are ten things to do when your wrist screams, “No! Don’t make me type another word.”

  1. Read through your recent material and make hand edits as needed (using your good hand, of course).
  2. Go to the bookstore to find the latest and greatest in your genre and read it, absorb it, enjoy it.
  3. Study Christopher Volger’s The Writer’s Journey. Invaluable help for your next tome!
  4. Send out your next few query letters. Remember, nothing asked — nothing received.
  5. Read through the best writer’s blog ever: Author! Author! located at http://annemini.com/
  6. Go get that mani/pedi you know you want. Splash on some lipstick. Wink at your husband.
  7. Select your next group of agents to query, using your always careful and precise due-diligence and research.
  8. Use your good hand and practice a little Natalie Goldberg Writing Down the Bones technique, employing your finest well-flowing ink pen and lined paper.
  9. Read the newspaper cover-to-cover to find thought provoking ideas for your next novel.

And when all else fails …

10. Have a nice glass of wine.

So, enough typing today for this tender wrist. Now I’m on to a grande latte and a good session with a yellow highlighter and a long list of really swell agents, one of whom just might fall in love with my novel.

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