On writing the (dreaded) synopsis

Love to write … hate to synopsize? You’ll have to stand in line behind me. I’m now at day ten in creating the perfect synopsis … just in case an agent or editor should request one. Here’s how I’m doing:

  1. I’ve filled my shredder twice.
  2. My brave and stalwart husband has taken refuge on the golf course.
  3. It’s dawned on me that there isn’t enough chocolate in the world to get me through this.
  4. Lily the Cat isn’t sure whether to comfort me or take to her bed.
  5. After ten days, I can identify only one good sentence.
  6. I think my hair is thinning.

Glory be, how a simple writing task can turn one into a simpering, sniveling child! But there is hope in the form of two books I can greatly recommend. The first is The Sell Your Novel Toolkit by Elizabeth Lyon. The second is Christopher Volger’s The Writer’s Journey.

I think that given enough time, some good instruction, a few glasses of wine, or at the very least, a strong antidepressant, and many, many hours experimenting with words and their effects, a reasonable synopsis will be born.

In the meantime, it’s off to my neighborhood Internet Cafe for another day of sobbing my woes into a Grande Latte and hoping for just one more lovely sentence.

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