Sunday is my day to read, gather clouds, make wishes, light candles. It’s my Starbucks-Grandé Latte-No-Foam-Please day. It’s also my day to think. To rest my fingers from the other days of sitting at my keyboard tapping out strings of words that may or may not make the cut for my next book or treatise or corporate-commissioned bullet list. I guess it’s good to rest once a week. My cat, Lily, an improbable tortie, rests probably 23 hours a day. She needs her rest after spending her one awake hour a day snuggling on my lap during our morning coffee and paper reading event. It must be exhausting, poor thing.

For anyone who may happen across this page, I welcome you. If you want to comment, please feel free. Ask me questions if you wish. I’ll try to answer … or I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t know. I’ll do my best to respond with comments on the process of writing, the missteps, the possibilities, the ah-hahs that come in the middle of the night. In the meantime, know that I think of you (whoever you are) as I’m writing my next book. I’ll confess, though, that I’m hardly a good source of knowledge. I’m just a simple person with a desire to write things.

2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I found you through ‘Author Author'(Anne’s blog) and have read a lot of your posts. I appreciate your way with words and am curious about how you apply them to your fiction. I also am working on book 2, possibly I should be reworking book 1 but am afraid of over self-editing. Would you care to swap your first 50 pages with my first 50, and we allow each other to say great, good or whatever without asking for some kind of an edit, though I do have a surly lip. The reaction of a stranger is often valuable, and a knowledgeable stranger’s, more so. No response, is in itself a response, and will be understood.

    I envy your husband’s time on the golf course, Edmonds, WA isn’t inducive to winter golfing, my game is bad enough in good weather. Keep up your blog, best of luck, Gordon